Medicine Hat Bulldogs Track & Field Club
Medicine Hat, AB



Provincial Championship Division II Club of the Year 2014 & 2017






Athlete Information


General Expectations For Athletes:

  • Respect your coach, teammates and fellow competitors. Follow the training plan as outlined for each practice and meet.
  • Be on time for practices and ready to start warm up.
  • Athletes are expected to warm up together depending on event specific protocols.
  • Be responsible for your belongings and clean-up.
  • No swearing. Foul language will not be tolerated. This has no part of practice and/or competition.
  • Athletes are responsible for managing their seed times and submitting them for each meet event.
  • No harassing, name calling, or bullying will be tolerated.


Expectations For Track Meets:

  • Pack snacks or lunches as needed. For 2 day meets pack 2 bags, 1 for equipment needed at the track and 1 to stay in the van/hotel.
  • Arrive a minimum an hour prior to the start of your first event of the day.
  • At the meet, stay together until marshaling in rules and gathering places have been determined and explained.
  • Athletes are responsible to know their event times and be there on time, warmed-up and ready to go. It is your responsibility to marshal in and warm up on time for your event.
  • Check the schedule, it is subject to change.
  • Athletes are responsible to ensure that they have the appropriate footwear and spike length.
  • Bulldogs singlets are to be used for ALL competitions.  These are available to the athletes at a cost of $50.  These are then the athletes to keep and they are responsible for them.
  • Athletes are responsible for their belongings. Keep your areas neat and tidy, clean up after yourself.
  • After the completion of your event, shake hands with the other competitors and the officials. This is a sign of fair play and respect. 


Any discipline issues arising at practice or track meets will be discussed with the athlete and if necessary with their parents