Medicine Hat Bulldogs Track & Field Club
Medicine Hat, AB



Provincial Championship Division II Club of the Year 2014 & 2017







Coaching & Fitness Consulting


Coach Freeman provides athletes outside the Bulldogs Track & Field Club, personal training and/or consultation. Coach Freeman offers exercise programs and instruction in a diverse selection of disciplines. He will assist in setting goals and providing feedback to athletes who are looking to enhance, excel and succeed in their chosen sport.  



Coach Freeman provides assessments, consultations and athletic training to help enhance athlete performance. He has worked extensively within South Eastern Alberta, with sports teams, groups, and on an individualized basis.   


  • Twist & Flip Gymnastics
  • AAA Hammer Minor All-Star Baseball Team
  • Rangers Basketball Club
  • SALTA Gymnastics
  • Notre Dame Academy - Soccer and Baseball Teams
  • McCoy Colts Football Team
  • St. Mary's Colts Football Team
  • Various schools throughtout Southeastern Alberta hoping to enhance their physical education programs.
  • NCCP Facilitation and Coach Mentoring





If you or anyone you know is interested in some quality instruction and training, please contact Coach Freeman.