Medicine Hat Bulldogs Track & Field Club
Medicine Hat, AB



Provincial Championship Division II Club of the Year 2014 & 2017









 Parent's Corner



Parent Responsibilities: 

  • Support and participate in fundraising and sponsorship endeavors.
  • Volunteer to work at track meets hosted by the club.
  • Ensuring your athlete adheres to the club rules both during training and at track meets.
  • Ensure your athlete is dropped off and picked up from practice at the appropriate times.
  • Parents are always ENCOURAGED to attend parent meetings.

2014 Volunteer Application Form


For Track Meets: 

  • An athlete registration deadline will be posted on the club calendar for each meet. Athletes must e-mail to the coach prior to this deadline confirming either their intentions to attend the meet with their meet entries and seed times or confirm that they will NOT be attending.
  • All meet entries, event changes, and or scratches must be emailed to the coach prior to the scratch deadline or the athlete is responsible for paying his/her meet fees regardless of attendance.
  • Please ensure your athlete has a healthy lunch, snacks and drinks for the whole weekend. The concessions at the meets have few selections and are usually unhealthy.
  • Please ensure your athlete has sufficient funds to pay for their evening meal, breakfast and incidentals.
  • Athletes will require appropriate foot wear. If the athlete uses spikes, please ensure they are the correct length and in good repair.
  • When competing outdoors please send along sunscreen, hats and bug spray.