Medicine Hat Bulldogs Track & Field Club
Medicine Hat, AB



Provincial Championship Division II Club of the Year 2014 & 2017





What is Run Jump Throw Wheel?


  • A fun and active learning environment
  • Individual improvement and positive reinforcement
  • Developing the skills of running, jumping and throwing in age appropriate progressions
  • Improvement in physical and emotional well-being
  • Safety and certified instruction

Children who learn fundamental running, jumping and throwing movement skills through track and field acquire a strong foundation for success in all other sports and physical activities. To help prepare them for a lifetime of excellence and diversity in active living, Athletics Canada offers the Run Jump Throw program to schools, clubs and communities across the nation. 

Run Jump Throw uses a fun and active learning environment. The program focuses on the enhancement of physical fitness, health and physical development for children 7 to 12 years of age. 

The goal of Run Jump Throw is to supply a program of physical activity that serves as a strong foundation for all sports. Highly regarded by Sport Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development expert group, Run Jump Throw assists children in learning to move efficiently so that they grow into adults who are active, productive and healthy.




For more information or to have the program delivered in your school or group, please contact:



Athletics Alberta